Watch out Hollywood, the freedivers are coming!

When Melbourne-based video-makers Daniel and Jared Daperis were given the direction of a music video for the debut single of electronic band American Doubles (‘The Swell’ due to be released later in 2015), they envisaged an underwater set for it.

The magic of water can make for a startling video, but you need a cast that can move elegantly and with confidence under water, hence the directors set out to find some… unsurprisingly, they found us, the MFC .

After auditions in an indoor swimming pool, about 10 members were selected for the actual shooting, to be completed in less than two days in May at an outdoor swimming pool.


The logistics of shooting an underwater cannot be overemphasized: the set had to be built in 5 mt of water, the camera crew has to don scuba and wetsuits , communication with actors and crew was difficult, safety nightmarish (380V power lines close to a body of waters with 12 people immersed in it, cast members on breath-hold and weighted down by water-soaked clothes, etc). The club and the directors cooperated for getting the best results: water temperature set at 32C, low-chlorine water (we had to act without goggles), plenty of towels and hot beverages.

DSC_4932-WebCold and rain were rather annoying, but, as long as you were in the water, everything was fine. The clothes and shoes hindered movements, but less than anticipated. In addition, we had to carefully weigh ourselves according to the scene to shoot (lighter for swimming scene, heavier for static scenes on the bottom).



The crew was extremely supportive, with pool-side serving of hot beverages and yummy food, and towels at the ready when we had to leave the comfortably warm swimming pool.


Cold aside, we all had great fun, and, despite the short shooting time, the atmosphere on the set was relaxed, with softly-spoken directors and a patient camera crew (visibility without goggles is horrible: all we could see were blobs of different colors and scenes had to be re-shot).


We will not be able to see the finished product before next Summer, when the video will be released; however, here is a glimpse of the magic to come.