Training has never been so convenient…

Beginning 29th of February 2016, training with Melbourne Freedivers Club will be less expensive, and easier too!

The cost of a 10 Session Pack has been lowered to $109.00 (from $135.00).

Yes, that is almost a one-third discount off a single entry! $10.90 instead of $15.00

In addition, you can now spend the 10 Session Pack at any of the swimming pools we train at, while previously 10 Packs were tied to a given venue.

With a training session now costing as much as two affogatos, you have really no excuse left to stay on the couch!

It’s easy: just  jump to the Calendar, buy a 10 Pack, and book a session.

If you were to find any difficulty, do not hesitate to contact the Pool and Training Officer.