Thinking About a Dive Medical? – 2014


Recently one of our intrepid members, Luca, sought to undergo a Dive Medical to gain a better understanding of his health status.

Kindly, he shared his results with us and here they are as published on the Club FB page recently.

Report by Melbourne Freediver and Cape Schanck Specialist, Luca

I finally found the time to take a (sort of) dive medical and I would like to report its findings to the club members.


Total: $220.20

  • Blood tests and ECG 125.20 AUD
  • Doctor’s visit and spirometry 95 AUD


This was not an occupational dive medical; I just happened to know there was a doctor with dive medical experience at the University’s Health Services.

The doctor deemed an ECG under stress unnecessary, while a tympanography (which he prescribed) was not available, hence I skipped it.


The results were all positive: base hearth rate of 53, blood tests fine, better than expected FVC, FEV1% as expected (

On this last exam (spirometry): my expected vital capacity given my build was 4.48 L… but I managed 33% more (5.95 L), which shows that all the training is not without rewards. On the other hand, FEV1% was somewhat underwhelming (78%), but possibly this was due to the over-extension of the diaphragm not being balanced by its strength.

Now it is your turn, buddies !


Thanks to Luca for sharing his dive medical experience.