Jarrod’s passion for the ocean extends back to some of his earliest memories fishing and collecting crabs with his father and grandfather. Jarrod developed an interest for being underwater when he was introduced to spearfishing in Byron Bay back in 2007. In the years since he has explored many reefs and coastlines developing his skills in foraging and spearfishing for sustenance and pleasure. After suffering a pinched nerve in his shoulder in 2015, he was limited in the types of exercise he could do. The only place it felt better was in the water where the force of gravity would ease. So he began training regularly with the Melbourne Freedivers. He has since trained with Viktor Reshetniak at Freedive Gili, Adam Stern and Oli Christen at Freedive Flow, where he recently completed his instructors course. Jarrod loves depth but has spent a lot of time in recent years exploring his breath hold abilities whilst training and competing in the pool disciplines.