Ocean Film Festival Australia/Melbourne 2014

Unfortunately the festival was on in Melbourne on Wednesday night which was on our training night, so most people couldn’t make it. I have sneaked out of training to get all the info for you guys who missed it. Here it is…. overall, events were full of ocean enthusiast’s . The films started around 7.30, so no one was late. There was a group of people who were against shark culling and dumping in Great Barrier Reef who were asking for our support, I signed all the petitions. Can you even believe those things are happening in the Australian Ocean?!? Some of the best beaches and marine life in the world!

I got there from work at around 7 pm, met up with Sam Sutton my ocean / monkey lover. Sam Sutton is a supporter of highland farm ape which is in Mae Sot, North of Thailand. She tells me that the farm take’s in rescued gibbons – mostly from the illegal pet trade. Gibbons aren’t actually monkeys – they’re part of the ape family (they are ‘lesser’ apes as opposed to the great apes). The sanctuary also has some macaques and 2 Asiatic Bears. A lot of the info is on their Facebook page and website:


We had a nice drink and waited for the others to arrive. There was about 9 of us including Xavier Morello the director of WildlifeXposure https://www.facebook.com/pages/WildlifeXposure/190328247705751

304351-102776-14 The whole films consists of 12 short films, which went from 7.30-10.30pm. We had a bit of break in between. I’ve collected some clips that inspired in “IMO”. The “Haenyeo” story of korean women who freedive for a living ( I’ve included a link below of a better documentary about these ladies). “Variables” by Miss Werner (Hawaiian national spearo! yeh! go Hawaii!!), Guillaume Néry’s “Jump”, and the most emotional and entertaining (yeh! go australia!) is the “Duct Tape Surfer”… This one caught me by surprise as it should have made me cry. I knew the story was about a lovely young boy who took his paraplegic mum out for a surf, but wasn’t quite sure how. Turned out it was quite entertaining. we laughed a lot!! because of this his innocence and easy way of living and thinking, and cheers to his mother, you have inspired a million people in the world! enjoy the clips guys and remember life is full of surprises! Sit tight and be ready to fight:) Hasta La Proxima

IMG_6341 IMG_6332

Duct Tape Surfing

Guilleume Néry

People under the sea

Haenyeo: Woman of the sea (see part2 and 3 on the website)

Variables with Kimi Werner


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