Neuralign Workshop 2014 – The Wrap Up

Technical Workshop – Neuralign Breath of Life Intro

neuralign_logo_web3Last week the Club held the first Technical Workshop outside of regular training and Safety Inductions.

We're taking off, feeling lighter than air!

We’re taking off, feeling lighter than air!

Run by Neuralign’s Steven Scrofani, the ten or so participants found that not only do ancient Chinese breathing patterns help with relaxation and breath-hold, but so too does rolling a firm volley-ball sized ball around your abdomen to loosen the fascia around the important parts of the breathing mechanism. Sounds fun, right?

In a last gasp attempt in holding onto the summer vibes, the session was held in the open air.

Steve describes the science behind the approach.

Steve describes the science behind the approach.

Over 40 minutes or so, we were led through stretching, breathing, rolling and breath-holding and adopted some new techniques to extend our hold times.

Straight afterwards, we hit the pool to see whether there was a difference.

The proof is in the pudding they say and following training the consensus was that more technical workshops are needed! Once a month was the request.

Age-old breathing techniques...

Age-old breathing techniques…

That sounds like a positive start. To find out Steve’s perspective, you can check out his words via the Neuralign Facebook page here.

On the Topic of Breathing

And one last link for this post – with good timing, the 60 Minutes television program aired a positive piece on freediving with Stig Severinsen over the weekend. A report sure to build the general interest in this fantastic discipline we sometimes call a sport.

*Apologies for the rather grainy pics, the winter haze was playing havoc.

See you in the water! Til next…