Membership to the Melbourne Freedivers Club is open to all Freediving enthusiasts.

Members are encouraged to undertake a recognized Freediving certification course within 6 months of joining – Apnea Academy, SSI, Raid, etc

Membership includes:
– Club Membership Fee (Financial year 1 July – 30 June)
– Access to Safety Induction and Training Sessions
– Access to Social Freedive & Camping excursions
– Access to Club Social Events
– Access to other Freedive Buddies that are trained in safety and multiple freediving disciplines, and
– A safe and supportive environment to assist you in meeting your Freeediving objectives
– Discounted Membership to the Australian Freediving Association.

* * * * *


For new Members, it is compulsory that they attend a Safety Induction prior to participating in Coaching, Training, or Social Dives. However, if there are no Safety Inductions scheduled, and the Member has already successfully completed a freediving course from a qualified school, he/she is allowed to participate in club’s activities until the earliest Safety Induction.
The Safety Induction ensures new Freedivers are familiar with the club’s diving protocol, and that all Freedivers are on the same page when it comes to buddying & rescues. The session includes simulated rescues in the water, hence bring your fins and mask (possibly a thin wetsuit and weight belt as well). Please see the Calendar for when the next Safety Induction is being held.

* Note – If you can not see a Safety Induction listed on the Calendar, please contact us. We will be in the process of scheduling the next one and make sure your notified of when its happening.

* * * * *


Australian Freediving Association (AFA) Membership: In order to attend Coaching, Training and Freedive excursions with the club, you also need to become an Australian Freediving Association (AFA) member which includes insurance.

Your insurance protects you, instructors, training buddies and the pool from liability should anything go wrong.
AFA membership is also a prerequisite if you wish to compete in any Australian Freediving Association affiliated competitions, including Australian Pool Nationals, and Australian Depth Nationals, local & interstate competitions.

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AFA Membership (Compulsory)
Cost for MFC members both new & renewing is:
$70 – Full Year
$35 – Half Year (Available from January until June only)

New members
Annual Membership: $70
(Our membership runs on the financial year calendar)
– Includes compulsory Safety Induction
$70 AFA + $70 MFC = $140 TOTAL, Full Year
$35 AFA + $45 MFC = $80 TOTAL, Half Year (Available from January until June only)
$35 AFA (No MFC fee), Half Year (Available from January ’21 until June ’21 only)

Existing Members
Annual renewal for existing members: $30
$70 AFA + $30 MFC = $100 TOTAL, Full Year
$35 AFA + $15 MFC = $50 TOTAL, Half Year (Available from January until June only)
$35 AFA (No MFC fee), Half Year (Available from January ’21 until June ’21 only)

* * * * *


If you wish to become a member, please follow the steps below:
1) Submit your application form – click here
2) Complete your payment on the Australian Freedive Association website
3) Book your Safety Induction on the calendar now! (if you cannot see a Safety Induction scheduled, please contact us via the contact page)
4) Our admin team will be notified of your sign-up and contact you with all the necessary info to proceed further