In the News – June 2014

In June 2014

There’s always lots of activity being undertaken in pure silence around the Club. When it’s just so, sometimes it needs to be typed in silence to allow you to soak it up in silence as well.

Geelong Training Update!

Geelong City-logoNews from Regional Correspondent and Club Vice President Luke:


Geelong Pool Training

We’ve been training now at Geelong College pool for a month now and so far so good. The facilities and staff are fantastic!

We’ve got use of one lane plus a diving area directly adjacent which has proven extremely useful for pre-training warmups, as well as for giving new members safety inductions, and showing them the basics of fin swimming, duck diving, and equalisation.

All of us have been showing improvements to our breath hold and distance over the last month, and we are all looking forward to smashing a 200m DYN in the near future!

Club Secretary Position OPEN!

Melbourne Freedivers HeaderThe Club extends its thanks to Sergey who has been diligently working behind the scenes as Club Secretary since we formed earlier this year.

He’s ploughed through a range of admin, privacy considerations, spreadsheets and kept us on our toes like a darn good Secretary should!

Re-focusing his energies on the interests that have been held at bay, this means that we now have an opening for an Interim Club Secretary, a post that will take you through until at least the end of this year.

If you’re keen to get your fingers dirty on the keyboard, ruffle some feathers with your keen eye for detail, knack for spreadsheets and policing of dots and crosses, then this is the position for you!

It’s a total voluntary position and you’ll be handsomely rewarded by the notion of getting involved in a sporting club with passion and that’s pretty much it for the tangible stuff. Intangibles? Well, you’ll feel wealthier than an Oligarch!

The odd committee meeting and plenty of background communications will keep you busy, however a total of 10-15 hours per month should see you not just on top of things, but adding improvements at every step.

A position description is available for all interested contenders.

Apply Within!

Technical Breathing Workshop Series

neuralign_logo_web3Round two of the breathing workshops delivered by Neuralign have gone stratospheric. Well that’s over stating it, but with pretty much a full house last Saturday, we reached capacity.

With one session to go on Sat 12th July, it’s clear that the series is going to have to be run again.

This week’s session saw members working their diaphragms overtime with distinct methods involving balloons and calling upon techniques practiced by the SAS.

More info on the series here and bookings at the Calendar page.

Check out our Partners and Supporters on the page here.

National Pool Championships!

Australian Freediving Association

Australian Freediving Association

In our first months of operation we were swamped with members keen to drop into the pool and dominate the competition side of freediving.

Well, not really, but since the famous Max Night that was held late last year (before the Club was in operation) talk of competition has been relatively quiet.

This will improve of course as freediving is well and truly coming out from under the coral shelf in Melbourne and we’re discovering some full breath-hold devotees ready for business.

Victoria didn’t send representatives to the competition held 13th – 15th June, but we are certainly impressed by the performances of our fellow freedivers from around Australia and the outstanding swims by Singapore and Iran national representatives.

Remember to take a look at the AFA’s brand new website too!

Competition Details

Congratulations to Lewis Jones (fellow Apnea Australia Freediving Instructor!) for winning the competition overall!

And also congratulations to these two new fine National Champions that hold the title of the Australian Pool Freediving Champion:

Beau Armstrong and Emily Shaw!

Well done to the AFA and Brisbane Freedivers Club for hosting and running a high class event.


And here is the final tally! Huge congratulations to Lewis Jones and Emily Shaw for winning the overall competition with solid performances in all three disciplines.

Overall Winners: Lewis Jones & Emily Shaw
Overall 2nd place: Jonathan Chong & Amber Bourke
Overall 3rd place: Beau Armstrong

STA Winners: Jonathan Chong & Amber Bourke
STA 2nd place: Lewis Jones & Emily Shaw
STA 3rd place: Carson Holzheimer

DYN Winners: Ant Judge & Emily Shaw
DYN 2nd place: Lewis Jones & Amber Bourke
DYN 3rd place: Frederic Maire

DNF Winners: Ant Judge & Amber Bourke
DNF 2nd place: Jack Hatfield & Emily Shaw
DNF 3rd place: Beau Armstrong

New Singaporean national records by Jonathan Chong: DYN 139m and DNF 110m

New Iranian national records by Pejman Siavoshi: DYN 113m and DNF 86m

Welcome to New Members!

Melbourne Freedivers go 3D!

Melbourne Freedivers!

We’d like to extend our welcome to new members across Melbourne and Geelong: Denise G, James and Alistair, all tough freedivers that fear not the Melbourne winter! Welcome aboard.


Passionate People

Melbourne Freedivers HeaderOver the last weeks we were delighted to support Anna in her quest to be discovered in Victoria’s Science Talent Search.
Anna, a high school student, attended one of the weekly training sessions and captured a catalog of images and video for her entry into the talent search.
We trust that her photography skills will take her (and us) to the next level. Looking forward to seeing the results!

Secret Developments

MFC Tee Shirt in Development!

MFC Tee Shirt in Development!

The Club Officers have been stuck in the bunker and been focused on nothing else than fashion these last months.

We’ve had some of Melbourne’s finest designers analysing the design brief to develop the right look, to create if not Victoria’s best freediving club, at least the best looking.
Voting, opinions, likes and dislikes have been close to bringing the server down as we attempt to approve a club clothing design that will hit production. Special mention to Safety Scott and Luna PR for driving the project forward in leaps. More to come from the MFC Design House (TM) soon.

Share Your Thoughts and Ideas with the Club

Have you been distracted by visions and ideas for the Melbourne Freedivers Club that you just can’t seem to find an outlet for? Get tapping on that keyboard and drop us a line, we’re always happy to hear from you. Contact us here.

See you in the water! Til next…