In the News – August 2014

In August 2014

There’s always lots of activity being undertaken in pure silence around the Club. When it’s just so, sometimes it needs to be typed in silence to allow you to soak it up in silence as well.

Welcome to New Members!

Melbourne Freedivers go 3D!

Melbourne Freedivers!

We’d like to extend our welcome to new members across Melbourne and Geelong: Leanne, Slav, Roland, Tim and Jeremy, all very motivated freedivers that are deep into developing their skills for the open water. Welcome aboard.


The Big Blue Event!

Win a Freediving Course!

Win a Freediving Course!

No doubt you’ve seen the campaign to inspire Melbournians to freedive into the Big Blue.

The Big Blue movie has inspired many to not only discover freediving, but also to overcome their fears to enter the water, as a swimmer, or even as a tentative first step.

The Event and Celebrities

The Event to be held at the Astor Theatre will showcase Ant Williams, world-ranked freediver, Sheree Marris, Aquatic Scientist and Melbourne Down Under icon, as well as Sirenna the Mermaid.

The Melbourne Freedivers Club will be on deck to talk with you about the club and answer any questions you may have bubbling away.

Club T-Shirts On-Sale!

The new MFC Club T-shirts will be on sale for the first time on the night!

Rumours abound that a local scuba club or two will also be venturing out for the night which will make for more than lively conversation around the snack bar.

In between all that, you’ll even get to see the Big Blue film starring Jean Reno.

Win a Freediving Course

Last chances to win a Freediving Course are evaporating with each day, so remember to enter.

Movie Tickets on Sale Now!

Tickets to the Big Blue are now on sale via the link too, so get in quick and avoid queuing on the night (giving you more time to accost Sirenna, Sheree and Ant!).

Astor logo with Registered Symbol

You can find out more at the Astor Theatre website here too.


Technical Breathing Workshop Series

neuralign_logo_web3The final session of the breathing workshops delivered by Neuralign completed in July to the pleasant exhale of many.

The Ball of Pain and Gain!

The Ball of Pain and Gain!

Huffing and puffing we almost found ourselves surrounded by a bunch of burst balloons and building materials, nay, it was just a range of astonishing data.

20140712 Dropbox Neuralign Workshop 3 Final 6

Cheapest and best apparatus ever

After three sessions and a steady supply of prescribed homework, the benchmark test says more than enough. The test was performed at the first and last sessions to demonstrate a level of empirical validation, i.e. show how good we became.

The Test!

The Test!


Benchmark Test: Number of full breaths comfortably required in 1:00 minute.


Average improvement after 4 weeks = 48%

Name 30.5.2014 1.7.2014 % Improvement
MQ 10 6 46
JZ 12 5 58
VT 6 4 33
D2 14 8 43
JC 9 5 45
D1 14 6 57
HL 10 4 60


20140712 Dropbox Neuralign Workshop 3 Final 1

The Breath Elite Squad Team aka The Best

So, what can we deduce from this evidentiary approach? If you apply the techniques and do the work, you’ll benefit!


Thanks to Steve Scrofani from Neuralign for supporting the club and the membership base with a custom-tailored workshop series.

It's the full experience.

It’s the full experience.

If you’re interested in continuing your progress or starting, feel welcome to contact him to discuss a development plan. We’ll be programming more sessions with Steve as the year turns as well.

Check out more about our Partners and Supporters on the page here.

Passionate People

Melbourne Freedivers HeaderRecently we received a brief update from Anna, a high school student, who participated in the quest to be discovered by Victoria’s Science Talent Search.
The Judges noted that it was the first ever submission they’d seen on freediving and were unshakable in their interest in the topic.
We wish Anna well for the results!

Fashion Label

The MFC Design House delivery

The MFC Design House delivery

It’s true. The rumours were not just blatant PR mongering by the heads of state.

The MFC Design House is all set to launch the first limited edition club t-shirt at the Big Blue Event on Monday 8th September.
T-shirts from S to 2XL

T-shirts from S to 2XL

Pricing is $40 for non-members and $35 for members. A range of sizes available: S – > 2XL.
Not just a t-shirt darling, it’s a label! Definitely going to be all the rage on Chapel Street this summer.

Safety Induction – Tues 26 August

The next Safety Induction is currently scheduled for Tuesday 26th August at MSAC in Albert Park.

Don’t wait until late September for the next one, submit your club membership application today and get in quick. Pool training and new buddies wait for no-one. Well, they do, but let the hype carry on!

*Special mention to the Club Safety Officer Scott, who at the previous Safety Induction demonstrated to not only new members, but also to the venue ‘s senior management team, the lengths we go to, to ensure the safety of all club members. The feedback provided was an endorsement of the commitment to safety that the club upholds.

Share Your Thoughts and Ideas with the Club

Have you been distracted by visions and ideas for the Melbourne Freedivers Club that you just can’t seem to find an outlet for? Get tapping on that keyboard and drop us a line, we’re always happy to hear from you. Contact us here.

See you in the water! Til next…