Geelong Training First Session 2014

Geelong Freedivers – Tough Animals

And so it was, the first training session for Geelong’s leading freedivers.

Known for their hardiness in the open water, dealing with large marine species and swell bigger than, well bigger than Victoria, they’re now fully fledged pool animals too.

Intervals and Safety

The guys hit the first session with gusto. Leading with Safety, the newly appointed Safety Officer ran a series of vital and intense safety drills, including mock emergencies, imitation of a freediver in trouble and rescues from static and dynamic scenarios.

20140529 Geelong Training Group First Session_1

Tough: Hayden, Gerard, Luke and Andrew

Getting Serious

Then things clearly got serious.

20140529 Geelong Training Group First Session_4

That’s right, lane rope inspections.

“I’m OK”

20140529 Geelong Training Group First Session_6

No really, “I’m OK”!

That’s what was heard at the end of each breath-hold on the series of interval sessions held during the session.

Off to a great start, the guys are blazing a wake through the water at Geelong College.

If you are interested in finding out more about the club or commencing training with the Geelong crew, check out the membership information, training page or contact us.

Then once you’re a member, book a place via the calendar.

See you in the water! Til next…