Excursion Pyramid Rock 2014

Walk Like an Egyptian

Way back on January 28th 2014, our intrepid travellers took on the might of the Pyramids.

Well, Pyramid Rock at Phillip Island at least.

It kind of makes you walk like an Egyptian, the hike from the carpark takes you right out onto the acutely angled peninsula with the aural highlights of Superbike engines at 16000 revs screaming somewhere up near the gods above. Actually, just behind you at the Phillip Island motor race track.

Once you descend off the wonderful touristic platforms that give you 270 degree views of what you’re about to discover beneath the surface, there’s a tricky hike to the beach.

Lugging all manner of equipment on backs and heads, our adventurers scoffed at nothing, not even barbed wire, misplaced rusted steel fence stakes, loose gravel, rocks or hot coals.

In the words of many an explorer “Why wouldn’t you?”.

Once leaving the beach, on this day we were met by superb visibility, mediterranean-esque 10 blue metres of it. Soft white sand to grasp in neoprene gloves at the bottom, sweeping grasses and weeds that lashed at rocks.

Cowfish, Banjo Sharks, Port Jackson’s and Abalone were all flocking to the exhibition. Even a few fishing boats cruised by to see what all the fuss was about. Freediving made new friends with the upper echelon of bureaucracy, with the Fisheries Department stopping by to say hello. Never has a crooked eye looked so straight at a catch bag full of underwater cameras.

PR Guru Luna almost crashed her computer putting together this video of the day, worth every heart-stopping moment and juddery tease of the doomed screen of death that looked back at her above the keyboard. Maybe it was those darn Pharaohs…


  • Air Temp: Historically warm, maybe even 25c
  • Water Temp: Tomb budgie friendly 19-20c
  • Freedive Duration: 4hrs
  • Depth: 5m in close, 10-12m
  • Difficulty: Moderate (With opportunities for EXTREME in bad conditions)
  • Distance Carpark to Shore: 1km hike, very difficult, correct shoes needed
  • Drive from Melbourne: 1.5-2hrs
  • Nearby Treats? San Remo Cafes by the bridge