Excursion: Portsea #3 2014

Walkin’ on Sunshine with the Doctor

IMG_6300If you’re familiar with Melbourne Freedivers Social dives, you would know that Portsea is one of the favourite picks of Dr. Luca who is a real freedive junky.

He has an urge to be in the water every weekend possible, he also loves to make us swim!


The bright side of Portsea is the depth to practice your dives and occasionally come across wild/rare marine animals such as dolphins, blue ringed octopus ( don’t touch these ones, They are deadliest animals) and more.


The down side are the tides/currents! Strong tides and currents can take you in and out effortlessly like a limousine if you have done your home work right. But If you did not! Well it may take you out to Tasmania or you’ll be swimming hard and getting nowhere fast!

And about this dive…the tide calculation was in the opposite way (thanks Dr.Luca!) We had a bit of a long swim untill I’ve figured out it wasn’t the right tide or “the right Limo”. So we swam and swam…… at the end of our efforts. Matt and Sergey just gave up swimming and started walking instead…..followed by me ! Hah! Luca kept swimming to burn more calories.


Normal guy

On Point

Right on the point…..when i mentioned about Blue ringed Octopus….A couple weeks ago at another Portsea dive, I picked up a beautiful shell and found this little guy inside.

The young octopus lurking out from the shell, exactly the same size as a blue ringed one. Only after I posted the pictures of me playing with it, all my spearos and doctor friends gave me a warning about the blue ringed octopus that are resident at Portsea.

Blue Ringed Octopus Portsea

Blue Ringed Octopus Portsea “BAD GUY”!

(When I say “Doctor”, I don’t mean they are a professional G.P , P.H.D or anything! I mean they are quite intellectual or full of theories in everything they says).

When Octopus are agitated, the brown patches darken dramatically, so be sure that it isn’t one before playing with it!!! I dropped the mini Mister Octo back to the sea.



With the mini excursion walk along the beach. Sergey found the passage built into the rock. Curious, he checked the dead-end passage and wondered who had made it. Do you have any idea?

DSC00756 6 (1)

The Doctor, descending.

Matt Breathe up

Matt Breathe up, Sergey filming

In Quarantine

We were arriving at the front of the quarantine station. The final destination for practicing freediving. The depth varies from 13-18M, the visibility wasn’t that great because of the rain the night prior and the strong waves out side the open ocean. We couldn’t have asked for more in Victorian water really!

Back with my Buddies

It was 8M vis so the buddy system and escorting dive up was necessary. We stayed there for about an hour and when the currents were getting stronger, we took off while dolphins went playing with the distance divers/ snorkelers group. Maybe next dive they will come to play with us again.

last bit of my battery


  • Air Temp: 26c
  • Water Temp: 20c
  • Freedive/Swim Duration: 13.00-1700
  • Area: Between Portsea Pier to Quarantine station
  • Depth: 13 – 18m
  • Difficulty: Easy – Moderate but requires good swimming skills (Beware of strong currents!)
  • Distance Carpark to Shore: 200m
  • Drive from Melbourne: 1.5hrs
  • Nearby Treats: Portsea Pub