Code of Conduct

Commitments to Safety – Melbourne Freedivers Code of Conduct

The following are the agreed upon safety commitments for those attending freediving pool training. The purpose is to safeguard the safety of all divers and protect our access to fantastic venues and facilities. These commitments are part of a national strategy to set a high benchmark in Freediving safety and practice.

Please adhere to these and ask others to do the same.

1. All pool training is conducted with a competent buddy.

2. We conduct every session with a one up/one down safety protocol.

3. The “one up” has a primary safety role to watch his partner’s entire swim. (Not breathe-up focused)

4. If in doubt of a diver’s state we pull them up immediately.

5. We use the surface protocol after every swim.

6. We announce the distance or duration of each swim before we start it.

7. All big swims are conducted with direct supervision of the freediver. (walking or swimming along side of the freediver.)

8. We look beyond our lane to ensure safety.

9. Any hypoxic incident results in the end of diving/training for that diver for the day.

10. We regularly practice our safety drills knowing that they will be used.

Additional guidelines:

11. We support each other and work within our personal limits.

12. We choose a training partner with a similar skill level and goals.

13. We plan our training sessions and work to that plan.

14. We confirm our session plan with our buddy before we get in the pool.