The club does not currently organize coaching sessions.



Weekly training opportunities are available at different locations within Melbourne.
Training sessions function in a buddy-style arrangement, and ultimately it’s up to yourself and your buddy how you would like to train.
It’s no problem at all if you’re not coming along with a buddy, quite often divers train in groups of 3, and you will quickly find someone to dive with safely.
Training sessions are not all drills and hard work! Towards the end of the night, it’s not uncommon to see divers at the deep end of the pool, practising their bubble-rings, and posing for the camera!

Although rare, some incidents may happen during training, such as black-outs, loss of motory control, or divers bumping into walls while swimming. Where you to witness any of these, please send an email to the Pool and Training Officer ([email protected]) with the details about the incident. Our club keeps a record of every incident to keep improving our safety record.



Training is available only to members, prospective members are welcome for a chat, but are not allowed to enter the water in our dedicated lanes.

Booking for training sessions can be done on the CALENDAR page. (Please book in advance, and if you were to forget it, book for another day and send an email to the Pool and TrainingOfficerr ([email protected]).

The procedure for booking is:

  1. Go to the CALENDAR page
  2. Click on the day of the training event you want to join
  3. Click on “PAY FOR TRAINING HERE” (a different page should appear)
  4. Select the day you want to train on
  5. Select the training session time
  6. Insert your details (your browser should remember them, hence you have to do it only once)
  7. If you have a 10-pack or a 90-day pass, insert its code (the code was sent you in an email when you bought the 10-pack or the 90-day pass)
  8. Click on the “Continue” button
  9. Click on the “Finish” button

In case of no one, besides you, showing up at a training session, the cost will be refunded by the club, as no one is supposed to train alone.



Every training session has the same price, irrespective of location and duration (which is around two hours).

There are three options to pay for the training:

  1. single-pass entry (15.00$ for each training session);
  2. 10-pack  (109.00$ for 10 training sessions -lowering the cost to 10.90$ per session);
  3. 90-day pass (150.00$ for 90 days of training, regardless of the number of sessions attended).

To purchase a 10-pack or a 90-day pass:

  1. Go to the CALENDAR page
  2. Click on any day with a training event
  3. Click on “PAY FOR TRAINING HERE” (a different page should appear)
  4. Click on the “View product catalog” and choose either the 10-pack or the 90-day pass
  5. Click “Add to cart”
  6. Insert your details and pay
  7. Use the certificate code that will be sent you via email to pay for the training sessions



Monday Nights – Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, Albert Park:
Start: 7:45pm
Finish: 9:15pm
Address: MSAC, 30 Aughtie Dr, Albert Park
MSAC offers an indoor heated 50m pool with 1.8mt depth and is a great opportunity for those practising for competitions.
Enter: many.
Parking: MSAC has two car parks, Aquatics Multi-Deck car park and Stadiums car park, with a total of 459 spaces for members and visitor use. MSAC car parks use Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) technology. Visitors obtain a ticket upon entry which will match the recorded licence plate. The first hour is free, then standard rates apply. Payment can be made at pay stations within the venue or via credit card upon exit.


Wednesday Nights – Victoria University, Footscray Park:
Address: Building L, Level 0, Victoria University Footscray Park Campus, Ballarat Rd, Footscray
Start: 7:00pm
Finish: 8:45pm
Enter: via the Maribyrnong Blvd entry.
Parking: Mostly Free, please check restrictions.
Victoria University ‘Vic Uni’ offers an indoor heated 25m pool with 1.8mt depth, and is a great opportunity for those living/working on the Northern-side of the city, who can’t make the Monday night sessions.


Friday Nights – Wesley College, Prahran
Address: Wesley College. 577 St Kilda Rd, Prahran
Start: 6:30pm
Finish: 8:30pm
Enter: via the Punt Rd Entry, opposite 182 Punt Rd
Parking: Free parking on location
Wesley College offers an indoor heated 25m pool with depth 1.2 – 4mt which is excellent for dynamic, static and equalization practice, and is our primary training location.