Club Committee


If you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.

Freediving // Photography // Design // Art // Travel // Music // Life.


I first stumbled upon a freedive school on Koh Tao way back in 2010 and decided to do a beginner course more for spearfishing safety than anything else. The love affair with underwater breath-hold diving was immediate and I returned 6 times over following years, completing the curriculum with Apnea Total and Blue Immersion on Koh Tao before finally doing the SSI instructor course at Freedive Gili in 2019.

Freediving, for me, is a direct route to living an authentic life. The lessons we learn from exploring our breath can be profound and connect us intimately with our mind, body and the natural world


Accidentally came across Freediving whilst on a family holiday to Barrier Reef and have fallen in love since. Still captivated by the concept of relaxing whilst holding your breath.

Training Officer

Piggybacking on the shoulders of my snorkeling siblings, discovering the treasures of the Mediterranean Sea (from Roman ruins to bizarre animals) is amongst the fondest memories of my childhood… and I haven’t got tired of exploring the sea yet !

In time, I added another motivation: the exploration of my inner sea through constant training and communion with nature.
In my spare time (when not freediving or swimming) I hold a precarious balance between a wife, two kids, and my work as software developer.

Safety Officer

Enjoys spearfishing, photography and diving for diving’s sake. Can usually be found in or on the water. When on dry land is a scientist working in drug discovery.